sidekick is listening!!!! — Asked by littleorphanammo


When I was little I used to record cool jams on cassette tapes and chime in with my young person’s  observations about things, thoughts and music…and then never let anyone listen to them. I called it only child/latchkey kid syndrome. The more things change… right?  Anyway, that same secret specialness will be reborn later this week when I co-host a podcast with your friend, and mine: Ammo.  I’ve got slightly more than  now and I personally guarantee it will get out of hand. 

The take away: it’s live and you can call in. This week we’ll tell you about all the places we are banned from already. 

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  1. thoughtcontainment said: URL PLZ.
  2. jake0112 said: Sweet! I’ll be listening! Just be sure to post the time you go live before it all goes down because I have time zone issues to deal with.
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