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Narcissism has long gotten a bad rap. Its unseemly reputation dates back at least to ancient Greek mythology, in which the handsome hunter Narcissus (who undoubtedly would be gloating over his present-day fame) discovered his own reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with it. Narcissus was so transfixed by his image that he died staring at it. In 1914 Sigmund Freud likened narcissism to a sexual perversion in which romantic attraction is directed exclusively to the self. Contemporary views are hardly more flattering. Enter the words “narcissists are” into Google, and the four most popular words completing the phrase are “stupid, “evil,” “bullies” and “selfish.”

[Facts & Fictions in Mental Health: All about Me; January / February 2013; Scientific American Mind; by SCOTT O. LILIENFELD AND HAL ARKOWITZ, IMG]

Narcissistic familicide

"Christian Longo was a "successful businessman" who fell on bad times/spent too much money.  Too ashamed to admit to his wife he was failing, he tried credit and then theft/forgery/counterfeiting to maintain the image.  When he knew the cops were on to him, he did the obvious thing: he strangled his wife while she was on top of him during sex; then strangled his 2 year old daughter who was sleeping on the floor beside their bed; stuffed their bodies in suitcases; then put his other two sleeping kids into their car seats and drove them to a bridge, tied rocks to their feet, and threw them in the river.  Then he went to Cancun."

How can people do that?

" A narcissist can’t feel guilt because, while he admits to external rules (religion, ethics, etc) those rules are always secondary to his identity.  As long as the identity is intact, you didn’t do anything really wrong.  There’s no internal conflict with your sense of self because your identity has one superseding rule: self preservation. "